Fur Home Decor Ideas, October 2017

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Welcome to October’s installation of Décor Ideas, a decoration style guide brought to you by FUR HOME, your one stop shop for fur and leather interior decoration.

Halloween is gone and the cold intensified but thankfully Black Friday is just around the corner. What a great chance to shop some warm furry rugs for your home! Fur cushions and fur blankets are going to make your bedroom really cozy. Cowhide rugs will keep your house and office floors neat. Sheepskins will allow you to walk around your home with bare feet. Are you in need of ideas?

Décor Galore

We scan the internet for inspirational decor photos daily and at the end of every month we pick the most intriguing images of fur and leather decoration ideas and inspire you through these style guides.

Beautiful homes and offices incorporating fur rugs and blankets, leather carpets, sheepskins and cowhides. They caught our attention and we are sure they will get yours too. Imagine what you can achieve for your home decor using these all-natural materials.

Living room styles

Bedroom styles


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