Lumpy Rug Day: When, why, how

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Rugs are the anchors of home décor. They define the conversation area of a room. They provide insulation. And when it comes to housekeeping (or politics) they offer a quick fix to dirty problems: hide them under the rug and none will notice. They sure deserve to have their own holiday, the Lumpy Rug Day.

What is Lumpy Rug Day

Lumpy Rug Day is observed and celebrated each year on the 3rd day of May. The meaning of this holiday is twofold: at first, it was a day to take action and deal with the issues we hide “under the rug”. But since it coincided with spring cleaning it also began to be the day to clean and repair your lumpy rugs, or throw them away and buy new ones.

Holiday’s historyRobert Louis Birch

The origin of the Lumpy Rug Day is attributed to Mr. Robert Louis Birch, who was a librarian from the US Patent Office, a historian, linguist and inventor of holidays among other things. According to the Chase’s Calendar of Events (an American annual publication around historic events and anniversaries), Birch created this holiday in the 1970’s as a shout out to “bigots and trigots” who sweep the truth under the rug.

How to celebrate it

If you have a lumpy rug (metaphorically: ignored issues), try to deal with whatever is hiding underneath, and then replace it with a new one. Step on it and take a minute to appreciate the comforting feeling of a new, lump-less rug. Make it a habit to tackle issues as they appear, so your new rugs won’t have lumps next year.

how to tackle lumpy rugsIf you don’t have any lumpy rugs (either actual or metaphorical) count your blessings: you don’t know the grievance of unresolved issues keeping you up at night. Just do your spring cleaning and take the time to appreciate your new or repaired rugs.

Wait, there’s more

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