Patchwork Design Kuhfell Teppich K-1493 S linie Croco Testa D.Moro-Hell Beige

Patchwork Design Kuhfell Teppich K-1493 S linie Croco Testa D.Moro-Hell Beige

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444,11 €

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K-1493 Waves of Smiles Leather Rug

Drift away on a river of dreams, as you sail across the sands of time. This wavy pattern of brown and beige make you feel like you are floating on a cloud when you are relaxing by this heavenly rug. A rug of this notch will warm any room with its soft tones and shades. Bring a sense of style to any room, classic or modern, with this wondrous rug.

This rug is made from a cross between croco and cowhide materials. The backing is a non-slip material which makes this rug stay where you place it. It comes in a variety of sizes and is customized for your rooming needs. Each rug is handmade and sewn with special sewing machines. A custom rug means that your rug is unique and there is no other out there like it. Made using some of the best craftsmanship, these rugs are a sure way to impress your guests in the office or at home.

Unique living places

Decoration ideas for internal use inspired from the value of fur and leather throughout times. Creations from natural materials that absolutely harmonize with space providing warmth and beauty. We have the highest quality of genuine cowhide leather rugs and carpets, the largest variety in Europe and amazing prices.

The FUR HOME cowhide rugs are exclusively hand made by us. Our specialization and experience gives the result of exceptional quality rugs. The manufacturing process of each patcwork cowhide rug begins first with the choice of the best quality hides, the next step is the precise and careful cutting (only beautiful area is used). The final step is assembling the article and this is the most complex and time consuming. Experienced craftspeople carefully fit all the parts together by hand and work with the specific sewing machines to ensure the final piece is perfect. All this process offering high quality, high durability, perfect finishing and great natural shine. Our cowhide rugs are unique, no two are the same so you can be sure that your rug will stand out from the crowd.


Style Modern
Pattern S waves
Color Brown / Beige
Material Cowhide leather
Back material 100 gr. non-woven material
Frame Yes
Panel Size 30 x 30 cm
Default Size EU 270 x 180 cm
Default Size US 8'10" x 5'11" ft/in
Weight approx. 8 kg

Custom orders

If you didn't find EXACTLY what you wanted, give us a call. All FUR HOME rugs are handmade by our expert artisans. We can customize any and all base characteristics of a rug to fit your needs.

Do you want a different size, color or material? We will be more than happy to provide you with the rug of your dreams. Just give us a call !

Need more information about this product? Are you interested about our wholesales prices? Give us a call, we can help you purchase the perfect rug for your needs.

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Patchwork Design Kuhfell Teppich K-1493 S linie Croco Testa D.Moro-Hell Beige

Patchwork Design Kuhfell Teppich K-1493 S linie Croco Testa D.Moro-Hell Beige

Der K-1493 ist ein Luxus-Lederteppich. Dunkelbraunes Krokoleder und Beige Kuhleder.

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100% Natürliche Materialien

 Unsere Produkte werden aus echtem Fell und echtem Leder hergestellt und sind wirklich umweltfreundlich, hypoallergen und biologisch abbaubar.

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