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Dispatches and returns

The following general terms of trade regulate the sale of products distributed by FUR HOME with registered office in Kastoria (GR) and name Katsanos P. Nikolaos and distinctive title FUR HOME. 32. All agreements for the distance sale of products and services with FUR HOME are governed by these general terms and conditions which the customer approves and which are an integral part of each purchase order.


  1. The products were sold at a distance through the following sales channels: by telephone at 2467024004, by online purchase directly from the website, or by fax at 2467024064. In any sale by the above methods, customers must accept these general conditions of sale. For online purchases from the website, the customer accepts these general terms of sale by selecting (checking) the corresponding icon of acceptance of terms of sale. For the sale by mail or fax, the customer must send the acceptance of the form (signed) of the terms of sale by fax or mail within 7 (seven) days. The terms of sale are provided by FUR HOME upon request of the customer. The customer can print them out from our website and accept them.

  2. Each purchase order indicates that the customer accepts the terms of sale and the agreement is deemed to have been reached when FUR HOME receives the purchase order from that site. FUR HOME reserves the right to accept or not accept purchase orders. Purchase orders that are not signed by the customer or come incompletely filled in or there is no longer availability of the ordered products FUR HOME has the right to refuse them.

  3. FUR HOME must inform the customer and refund any amount of money paid for purchases. The customer is not entitled to any additional compensation.



The prices of the products listed on the website include VAT. 24% and apply to deliveries throughout the European Union. FUR HOME reserves the right to apply different rates according to laws on the date of the purchase order.


  1. Products can be paid for by many different methods:
    - By credit card.
    - With payment via paypal.
    - Cash on delivery (available only for Greece) and for an amount up to 300,00€.
    - By transfer to an account of the FUR HOME company in a bank.
    - With direct purchase of products from our stores.

  2. The delivery of the products by the courier or the transport company is made to the nearest address (that the carrier can reach) declared by the customer in Greece and abroad.

  3. Products are shipped within 12 to 24 hours after receiving the order (only for payments via paypal credit cards & bank transfers). Unless explicitly stated on the product another delivery time. FUR HOME is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage due to the carrier's fault to deliver the products within the date specified by the general conditions.



  1. According to Greek law, if the customer is also a consumer (i.e. a person who buys the goods for personal use and does not declare a VAT number in the purchase order), he/she has the right to return the products purchased for any reason without any explanation and without any penalty, with the only exception that he/she is obliged to pay the transport costs to and from FUR HOME. The products must be in their original packaging condition and must not have been used. The return is acceptable no later than 7 days from the date of receipt.

  2. In order to exercise this right, the customer should immediately upon receipt of the products contact FUR HOME and announce this decision, then by registered letter send the receipt and in writing inform FUR HOME of the return of the products, which products must be returned to FUR HOME within 10 days of the approval of the return.

  3. This right applies only to the entire order, it cannot be exercised only for a portion of the purchased products. This right does not apply to special orders. Returned products must be intact in their original packaging including manuals, accessories, etc. FUR HOME is not responsible for damage or theft, loss of returned goods and those not covered by insurance. Once the product arrives at FUR HOME's warehouses it is checked for possible damages. If the original packaging is damaged FUR HOME reserves the right to reduce the amount of the refund by no more than 10% as compensation for repair , replacement costs.

  4. FUR HOME must refund the remaining amount to the customer no later than 30 days after receipt of the returned products, in the same way that the customer has paid for the purchase or any other way agreed.

  5. If it turns out that the returned product has been damaged due to the customer's fault, FUR HOME reserves the right to return it to the customer and charge the customer the shipping costs.


FUR HOME requests the customer's personal data solely for the purpose of sending the products. Under no circumstances will this information be sold or used for other purposes.

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