Fur Rugs
Wolf Natural Rug k-144 Wolf Natural Rug k-144
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Fur rugs are luxurious and wonderful. We offer a large collection of real fur rugs of stunning quality to suit everywhere from the most modern city dwelling to the most traditional country house. Our collection of fur rugs is a valuable element of interior design. We use only real fur , renar (fox), wolf, beaver (beaver), mink (mink), zebelina and chinchilla for our rugs, and offer them in their natural colours (black, white, grey and gold) to showcase their quality.

Fur rugs are perfect for busy living rooms as well as secluded bedrooms, but they can also be used as wall hangings. Depending on how you use them, they can add the unique antique feeling of a cabin or the luxurious touch of a modern penthouse. Fur rugs were already famous in the seventies for their unique softness and warmth. Now the trend is returning.

All of our fur products are handmade with highly complex techniques. Our experienced furriers are paying attention to detail, to ensure that the final product will meet the quality standards of FUR HOME. If you need a rug that does not match the characteristics of our listings, don’t worry. Every rug in our exclusive collection comes in various sizes and colours, and is fully customizable in its standard features. From small area rugs to room-sized carpets, from natural to dyed designer colors, we can help you get the fur rug of your dreams.