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Fur blankets and fur throws. Can you think of a more magnificent way to add luxury to your bedroom? Real fur blankets can naturally keep the temperature of your bed high, while being the king of bedspreads when it comes to looks. Complete your bedroom style with a fur throw for your settee.

The uses of fur throws aren’t limited to one room either: cozy up your living room with a super-soft genuine fur throw for your sofa. Give a furry feel to your offices with real fur throws for chairs or couches.

We only sell original luxury fur blankets and throws of unparalleled premium quality. You can buy ready made items from our collection, or ask for a personalized custom product. Our selection of finest fur hides and materials along with the high technical expertise of our team of expert furriers and tailors can guarantee the excellent quality of each FUR HOME fur product.

The unique feeling of authentic fur is now within reach.