Patchwork Cowhide rug k-1883 tram grey elephant

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K-1883 ist ein wunderschöner Lederteppich. Unregelmäßig große Fliesen in der Farbe Elefantengrau schaffen eine entspannte Stimmung. Die Farbe ist etwas mehr oliv-beige.
SKU: k-1883

K-1883 Classic Tram Rug

This wonderfully made, handcrafted rug is great for hanging around and kicking back on. No under pad is needed thanks to the firm grip of this original design non-slip rug. It is made from only the finest cowhide. A cow hide rug of this degree is handmade and sewn together on special sewing machines just for you. The beautiful shades of beige and gray from the patches in the rug design will accentuate any classic home and will add a sense of style to any room.

Completely one of a kind this rug will never have a duplicate and cannot be re-created exactly. Since it is handmade from only the best parts of the cow hidden it is truly unique. This is a sturdy rug and is built to last. Just like the person who owns this fine rug, it is special and unique just like you. This type of rug is ideal for use in almost any kind of space within the house.

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Modern Square Styled Rug

Interior design ideas inspired by the timeless value of fur and leather. Creations from natural materials that harmonize perfectly with the space and provide warmth and beauty. We have perhaps the best quality genuine leather rugs and certainly the largest variety at the best prices.

Every FUR HOME rug is manufactured exclusively by us. The manufacture of a leather rug begins first with the selection of the best quality hides, their precise and careful cutting, the design and creation of the rug from several pieces of leather and finally the joining of the pieces with very durable and high quality threads, in special machines fur coat. All the above process is done separately for each carpet and exclusively by hand, thus offering high quality, great durability, perfect finish and wonderful natural gloss.

About this rug

Style Modern
Plan Asymmetric
Color Beige / Grey
Material Cowhide
Material (back) -
Edging No
Panel size -
Carpet size 180 x 120 cm.
Weight approx. 4 kg

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leather rugs are highly durable, hypoallergenic and have a luxurious look, making them a popular choice for home decor. They add warmth and texture to the space and are easy to care for.

You can vacuum the leather - leather carpet in order to remove dust and small objects. For wet stains, use a clean, damp cloth and soft soap. Avoid using strong chemical products. Learn more

Recommend a special fur cleaner

Our company has the ability to undertake special orders constructions in any size and color requested.

If you need to store the leather rug temporarily, roll the back of the pile inside out and store in a dry, well-ventilated area
away from direct sunlight and temperature extremes. With every order, we send you a special case to store your rug in.

Leather rugs suit various decor styles, such as rustic, modern or eclectic. You can place them under a coffee table, dining table or use them as a center piece in the living room or bedroom.

Yes, leather rugs are very light compared to other rug materials, making them easier to move around.

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