Secure payment

Payment Methods

With Fur Home, you can choose among several different secure and reliable payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Advance Credit Transfer
  • Cash On Delivery - COD (only applies for Greek territory)
  • Direct pickup

Payment by Credit Card

At FUR HOME, we take the security and peace of mind of our customers very seriously. With a leader in online transactions like Viva Wallet, you can do your shopping risk-free.

The payment is carried out on the processor's secure servers, protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. Your credit card information will only be handled through the Viva Wallet server.

Under no circumstances will FUR HOME, or any other party, have access to your codes. FUR HOME will only receive the authorization and approval of the transaction from the bank.

The security of Viva Wallet is certified by the two major credit card companies, Visa and Master Card, who have approved the payment systems in compliance with "Verified by VISA" and "Master Card Secure Code" standards, respectively.

Payment with Paypal

This method allows to use your prepaid Paypal account and to execute the payment simply by typing in your e-mail address and password (a Paypal account is required).

Just like credit card transactions, your information will not be shared by FUR HOME with anyone, it will be handled exclusively on Paypal servers.

Payment by Credit Transfer

If you are not comfortable with credit card payments, Fur Home offers you the choice of payment by credit transfer. In this case, you can order your products online and then execute the payment at the local branch of your bank.

In that case we will send you a proforma invoice with all the necessary details.

The whole amount has to be paid in 5 days or you order will be discarded. Always state your order number when paying. We will dispatch the products as soon as your payment is received.

The details for the credit transfer are the following:

ACCOUNT : 0026.0197.82.0200434305 EURO
IBAN : GR0802601970000820200434305

ACCOUNT: 850 00 2320 000970 EURO
IBAN : GR36 0140 8500 8500 0232 0000970

The credit transfer usually takes 4 working days. However, to speed up your delivery, you can send the receipt with a CRO number, by fax. In this way, we can track the payment more easily, and deliver the order faster.

Cash On Delivery (Note: currently available for Greece only)

If you prefer to pay upon delivery, choose COD payment. You will pay the amount specified in the shipping bill directly to the courier. In this case, the courier will only accept the exact amount in cash or prepaid checque. Please comply with these instructions in order to avoid any inconvenience. The maximum limit for payments in cash or prepaid checque is 1,000 Euros.

Warehouse Direct Pickup

You can choose to pick up the goods you have bought online directly from our warehouse in Kastoria and pay on the spot.

Bespoke services

 You will get a one-of-a-kind rug, made just for you. We craft each rug upon order and we can customize any and all features on request to fit your exact needs.

Guaranteed quality

 Every rug that we ship has passed from inspection to make sure that you will get the highest quality possible. We offer manufacturer's warranty because we know we create top products.

100% Natural Materials

 Our products are made from real fur & genuine leather and are truly eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Free shipping on all orders

 That's right! We have eliminated the shipping costs so you can have a FUR HOME rug for your house or office no matter where you are located.
 Please note: processing time is 1-3 weeks.