Terms & Conditions

The following general sales conditions (General Conditions) regulate the sale of products (Products) distributed by FUR HOME, with registered site in Kastoria (GR), 32 Kiknon avenue. The agreements for the online and distance selling of Products and services by FUR HOME , address, phone, fax, Web and/or e-mail, are regulated by these General Conditions, which the Customer approves and which are an integral part of each purchase order (Order/s).

  1. Orders

    1. The Products are sold by distance selling, with the following procedures. Orders may be submitted by Customers to FUR HOME by phone, Web (online or e-mail transaction) or fax. The Order shall be submitted together with these General Conditions expressly approved in writing, on the Order Form.
      For online purchase through the Web site FURHOME.GR , the Customer accepts these General Conditions by selecting (flagging) the corresponding checkbox at the bottom of the order page, marked with the explicit sentence “I accept FUR HOME’S general sales conditions”.
      Orders by phone or e-mail shall be confirmed by the Customer, within 7 days, sending the Order Form by fax or post. The Order Form is supplied by FUR HOME upon request of the Customer.

    2. Each Orders implies that the Customer accepts the conditions and the agreement is closed when FUR HOME , receives the Order Form at the specified site. The validity of the order is subject to acceptance by FUR HOME. FUR HOME reserves the right to reject incomplete Orders, Orders not signed by the Customer or not specifically approved in writing.

    3. In case of failure to deliver the Order due to unavailability - including temporary unavailability - of the Products, FUR HOME will inform the Customer and refund any amount of money paid for such Products. The Customer will not be entitled to any additional compensation or indemnity.

  2. Prices

    1. Product prices published on furhome.gr , are valid for deliveries all over Europe and include VAT. VAT is calculated according to the applicable rate. FUR HOME, reserves the right to apply different rates in compliance with the applicable laws at the date of the Order.

  3. Payment and product delivery

    1. The Products can be paid by different methods:
      - by credit card, with an online procedure on the VivaWallet payment gateway.
      - by prepaid Paypal account.
      - by cash on delivery - option available for Greece only - for amounts not exceeding the maximum limit of 1,000 Euros. For this kind of payment, FUR HOME, reserves the right to accept only the exact amount in cash or prepaid cheque.
      - by advance credit transfer, whereby the products are purchased online and the payment is executed within 7 working days.
      - by direct payment upon withdrawal of the goods from the warehouse, whereby the products are purchased online and the payment is executed at the site of FUR HOME. For this kind of payment, FUR HOME, reserves the right to accept only the exact amount in cash or prepaid cheque.

    2. Delivery is carried out by courier (shipping agent) to the closest location to the address specified by the Customer in the Order, in Greece or abroad, reachable by the shipping agent.

    3. The goods are shipped within 12 to 24 hours from order submission (only for credit card, Paypal and COD payments). The goods are transported by third-party couriers with an average delivery time of 3/7 working days. These terms are indicative and not binding. FUR HOME is not responsible from any direct or indirect damage resulting from the shipping agent’s failure to deliver the Products within the date specified in the General Conditions.

  4. Right of withdrawal

    1. According to the Greek low, if the customer is a consumer (i.e. an individual who purchases goods for purposes not related to his/her profession or does not specify a VAT number in the order form), has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement for any reason, without any explanation and without any penalty, with the exception of the provisions under paragraph 5.3

    2. To exert such right, the customer shall send a notification to FUR HOME , within 2 working days from the reception of goods. Such notification must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, addressed to FUR HOME, 32 Kiknon ave. 52100 Kastoria Greece, facsimile, also within 2 days, followed by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to be sent ABSOLUTELY within 48 hours. After receiving such notification of withdrawal, the Customer Service of FUR HOME will provide the customer with instructions for the return of goods, whereby the goods must be sent back to FUR HOME within 10 days from authorization.

    3. The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:
      - the right applies to purchased goods in their entirety, it cannot be exerted only for a portion of the purchased product,
      - the right does not apply to products that have been made to measure or customized, or that - by their nature - cannot be sent back or risk to be deteriorated or modified quickly.
      - the purchased good must be intact and returned in its original packaging with all parts (including package, documentation and accessories: manuals, etc.). As prescribed by law, the shipping costs for the return of goods are borne by the customer. The shipment, up to the acknowledgment of receipt at our warehouse, is under the customer’s responsibility. FUR HOME is not liable for damage or theft/loss of goods returned with shipments not covered by insurance. When the product arrives at the warehouse, it is examined to check possible damage or tampering not due to transport. If the original packaging is damaged, FUR HOME will deduct a portion of the product price, not higher than 10%, as compensation for repair/replacements costs.

    4. Without prejudice to possible compensation for damage to the original packaging, FUR HOME will refund the entire sum to the customer in the shortest time possible, and not later than 30 days from the return of goods, by reversing/canceling the amount charged to the credit card or paid by the customer by credit transfer. In this case, the customer shall provide the current account information for the refund (IBAN code, or bank, branch and current account codes).

    5. The right of withdrawal fails completely, due to the lack of the essential condition of integrity of the product (packaging and/or contents), in case FUR HOME ascertains: - the lack of the original external and/or internal packaging;
      - the lack of elements that are an integral part of the product;
      product damage due to other causes than transport. If the right of withdrawal fails, FUR HOME . will send back the purchased good to the Customer, charging him with shipping costs.

  5. Privacy

    1. The personal information requested for order submission is collected and processed exclusively to satisfy the specific requirements of the Customer and will not be transferred to third parties for any reason, nor will it be used to send promotion materials without prior authorization of the owner. FUR HOME guarantees that personal information is processed in compliance with the applicable law.

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