Wolf Natural Rug k-144

Wolf Natural Rug k-144

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204,88 €

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Fur bedroom mattresses made from real wolf fur. Light-colored natural hair that makes these mats look like eerie clouds floating around your bed.

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Natural wolf bedroom fur mats

Fur bedroom mattresses made from real wolf fur pieces. The best set for the decoration of your home. Light-colored, they add warmth and give an aristocratic tone to the room while decorating the floor. The soft texture gives them a luxurious feel that your feet will refuse to separate.

Wolves have two kinds of hairs: long, stiff hairs on the outer coat (called “guard hairs”) and an “undercoat” of soft fur which helps insulate its body from the cold. Water runs off a wolf's fur, keeping its underfur dry and warm. Wolf fur is usually gray or brown mixed with black, white and tan. Wolf has one of the widest ranges of color of any mammal, although gray is the most common color.

Unique living places

Real fur rugs are the ultimate expression of luxury. From the modern urban home, to the palatial manor and even the rural country residence, there is absolutely no style that a fur rug cannot match. We have access to a large variety of animal pelts including wolf, fox, coyote and raccoon and one of the largest collection in Europe. Fur constitutes a precious element of home décor and is now affordable.

At FUR HOME we continue a long Kastorian tradition, manufacturing fur and leather products of immense beauty for interior decoration. Every FUR HOME rug is exclusively handmade by us using special sewing machines and highly complex techniques. This allows us to customize any and all characteristics of a fur rug.


Style Luxurious
Pattern Natural
Color Gray
Material Wolf fur, canis latrans, Cowhide leather
Back material -
Frame Yes
Panel Size Not applicable
Default Size EU 120 x 60 cm
Default Size UK 3'11" ft x 1'11" ft
Weight approx. - kg

Custom orders

If you didn't find EXACTLY what you wanted, give us a call. All FUR HOME rugs are handmade by our expert artisans. We can customize any and all base characteristics of a rug to fit your needs.

Do you want a different size, color or material? We will be more than happy to provide you with the carpet of your dreams. Just give us a call!

Need more information about this product? Are you interested about our wholesales prices? Give us a call, we can help you purchase the perfect rug for your needs.

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Wolf Natural Rug k-144

Wolf Natural Rug k-144

Fur bedroom mattresses made from real wolf fur. Light-colored natural hair that makes these mats look like eerie clouds floating around your bed.

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Bespoke services

 You will get a one-of-a-kind rug, made just for you. We craft each rug upon order and we can customize any and all features on request to fit your exact needs.

Guaranteed quality

 Every rug that we ship has passed from inspection to make sure that you will get the highest quality possible. We offer manufacturer's warranty because we know we create top products.

100% Natural Materials

 Our products are made from real fur & genuine leather and are truly eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Free shipping on all orders

 That's right! We have eliminated the shipping costs so you can have a FUR HOME rug for your house or office no matter where you are located.
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